Cesar Casier

In addition to being a model, food lover, traveler and proud author of my two cookbooks Model Kitchen and Cesar’s Kitchen and the travel guide Trippin, he has launched the Cesar Casier Knitwear Collection. While growing  up, I was always surrounded by fashion. My mom and my stepmom, they were his biggest influencers and shaped his views on fashion while growing up, the logical next step was to start my own collection. 


The Cesar Casier Knitwear Collection is 100% made in Belgium, something that is very rare nowadays. Everything designed By César Casier  is produced in a small family owned factory located in Sint-Niklaas, a city between Antwerp and my hometown Ghent. Fact is that back in the days there were about 300 factories located in this area and now there are only two left, a sad reality. Therefore, it is important to support the revival of Belgian knitwear as much as possible!

Cesar casier