3X1 N.Y.C

At 3×1 we promote sustainable consumption, aware of how much impact our choices have on the world we live in. All of our fabrics are produced in Italy, from one of the best suppliers in the world, Candiani. Thanks to the very high quality of the raw materials Candiani use, our clothes wear better over time, and are ensured longer average wardrobe life. Once the clothes have been assembled, our use of the very latest washing processes means a significant saving in water consumption, for example ozone treatments to recreate the classic worn look of older denim, and the removal of toxic or polluting agents and/or materials. 

There is now a constant threat from the massive consumption of clothing, and the need to dispose of it: over the past 15 years the quantity of clothes on sale as risen from 50 to 100 tonnes, and every second the equivalent of a truckful of garments is dumped in tips.